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PISOFTEK is a leading provider for Small and Medium size Businesses (SMBs). We provide feature and quality rich, custom-based solutions. Our integrated solutions give you a distinct way to market advantage and incredible cost savings. All the solutions are future based, deploying the best technology.

PISOFTEK makes a difference:

  • by providing industry specific solutions
  • by furnishing customers with value added, innovative and consistent solutions
  • with scalable, maintenance-free, and flexible solutions
  • by offering best technological solutions focusing on the current and future business needs
  • by providing cost-effective and qualitative solutions

Besides all these differences, PISOFTEK's core concentration is on the client's requirements and needs. We offer different solutions will help your business accurately meet your needs and differentiate you from your competitors. Opt for complete software and business solutions, designed, built and hosted by experts of PISOFTEK.

An electronic health record (EHR) is a digital version of the patient-specific medical information that is traditionally kept in a paper "chart" or medical record. Unlike loose sheets of paper, the digital information in an EHR is captured in a structured format that allows for greater accessibility and understanding of health conditions and medications. For physicians and healthcare systems, adopting an EHR is the primary means of furthering e-Healthcare: allowing physicians to quickly and accurately document and retrieve patient visits.

Da Vinci Charts Functions and Features

  • Health Summary
  • Allergies
  • Electronic Signature
  • Super Bill & Insurance
  • Pre-OP eForms & eAttachments
  • Patient demographics & Notes
  • History & Examination Notes
  • Encounters Management
  • Labs data Capture & Charting
  • ePrescription and ePlan
  • Anesthesia Management & Recording
  • Reports Preview & Printing
  • PACU
  • Paperless
  • Touch Screen Friendly
  • Coding Queue
  • Scheduling
  • Multi level Security
  • Kiosk Questionnaire Survey
  • Sentence Generator
  • System Templates
  • ICD9 & CPT Codes
  • Drugs Database
  • Medical Spell Checking
  • System Customization
  • Interoperability

e-Works is a customizable, web based work order maintenance application. e-Works can be customized as per the needs of your company, individual or group of users. Drill down interfaces, flexibility, and range of customizable reports gives you a tool to analyze and manage your business effectively and efficiently.

Available in Web version and Mobile Version

e work

Express Property Management System brings together all the functional components necessary for professional property managers in a comprehensive and integrated format. This is an easy operating system built up with powerful features which gives enhanced property performance at lower cost and also meet the expectations of both tenant and owner.

  • Property management Website Bullet Tenant Management
  • General ledger Website Bullet Inventory
  • Work Order
  • Tenant Management
  • Inventory

Enterprise Edition

Why use an Express Property Management built for the way business uses to be done, If you can use a tool that will enable your business to grow. Managing:

Express Property Management

Point of Sale for PDA by P.I.SOFTEK.LTD is an advanced, feature-rich, and easy-to-use Point of Sale and Inventory Management System for PDA which enables businesses to carry their Sales and Inventory related information to the warehouses /sales stores, where actual transactions are happening.

Point of Sale & Inventory Management for PDA

  • Maintenance
    • Customer
    • Item
    • Vendor
    • Item Group
    • Location
  • Transaction
    • Invoicing
    • Item Issue
    • Item Receipt
    • Sales Order Entry
    • Stock Count
    • Stock Transfer
  • Backup / Restore Database
  • Compact Database
  • Integration With QuickBooks
  • Security Features


Why use an Express Property Management built for the way business use to be done, If you can use a tool that will enable your business to grow. Managing :

Business purchases of equipment, vehicles, buildings, etc. need special tracking. Depreciation calculation, tax treatment, and gains or losses on asset sales can be cumbersome for businesses with numerous business assets. A Fixed Asset application provides detailed tracking for each individual asset, providing depreciation and gain / loss detail in order to properly account for each asset during ownership and at disposal. Generally a firm with a large number of assets use a Fixed Asset System.

  • Support Single & Multi User Both
  • Reports
  • Format Settings for Account
  • Export Posting File
  • Security Setup
  • Online Help
  • Setup for Locations/Category/Depreciation Methods/Department
Fixed Assets System

New Work Orders can be added as well as viewed with the eWorks Pocket PC . It enables the user to create new work Orders, view the existing details as well as delete an order. The user may customize the data view according to their wish. This application makes the work order entry as easy as 123….

E-Works Pocket

  • Work Order
  • Labor
  • Material
  • Equipment
  • Cost
  • Online Help
  • About